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We’re Here for You: Helping Your Loved One Through Cancer Treatment

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The START Center for Cancer Care is dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with cancer. We provide world-class care and the most advanced cancer treatments available. Our large team of caring doctors is committed to advancing the standard of multiple cancer-care specialties including surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, integrative therapies, and genetic testing of tumors.

In keeping with our commitment to advance the standard of cancer care, we have one of the world’s largest and most active Phase I clinical trial programs. Our participation in Phase I drug trials allows us to offer new alternatives in the fight against cancer. To date, we have helped make 19 promising anticancer drugs available.

We are here …

To serve the best interests of you and your loved ones

Compassion is at the center of all we do. When you choose the START Center for Cancer Care you will receive individualized care that begins with genetic tumor testing. This testing gives us the ability to design personalized treatment aimed at the best possible outcome.

To help you cope with the stress of cancer care

Our service goes beyond treatment and surgery; we are prepared to help you face the stress of cancer treatment. We understand what’s going on mentally and emotionally because we have cared for thousands of cancer patients over the years – in fact, many of our employees are cancer survivors.

To give you resources and support

We can help you locate the right cancer support group or counselor. Maintaining a positive mental outlook can be just as important as the treatment itself. Knowing there are other people who have experienced or are experiencing similar cancer hardships can help you combat negative feelings, stress, loneliness, and other emotions that come with cancer and treatment.

If you are looking for the highest quality of cancer care, using the most advanced treatments we hope you will consider the START Center for Cancer Care. We have every aspect of cancer care planned and ready.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for you or a loved one, please call 210-745-6841.



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