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The Benefits of Integrative Cancer Care

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Many people do not realize the toll that cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy can have on their physical and emotional well-being. The experienced doctors at the START Center for Cancer Care want to be sure you know about their integrative care strategies and how they can help you. Their aim is to make the physical and psychological burdens of cancer care more manageable.

What is integrative cancer care?

An integrative approach to cancer care treats the disease through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other tools, while also supporting your emotional and physical needs throughout the treatment. The goal of integrative care is to help people who are being treated for cancer get the most out of life through supportive therapies.

Benefits of integrative cancer care

Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy are hard on your body, and often lead to depression and exhaustion. By providing integrative cancer care, we can help our patients build the mental and physical strength needed to endure cancer treatments. We focus on the disease and managing the many side effects, such as:

  1. Anxiety

  2. Depression

  3. Headaches

  4. Nausea/vomiting

  5. Loss of appetite

  6. Insomnia

  7. Pain

  8. Weight loss

  9. Numbness

Types of supportive therapies

Every person is unique, and the type of integrative care is specific to his or her personal needs. Whether a person is suffering from anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, fatigue, hot flashes or an array of other symptoms, there are supportive therapies that can help. These include:

  1. Acupuncture

  2. Massage

  3. Chiropractic care

  4. Guided imagery and meditation

  5. Pain management

  6. Spiritual support

  7. Oncology rehabilitation

  8. Nutrition therapy

  9. Neuropathic medicine

Proper nutrition and cancer care

In addition to providing support therapies to help you through cancer treatments, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate our patients about optimal nutritional practices. Under the burden of cancer, an unhealthy diet can adversely affect your health. Combining proper nutrition with integrative care can help fuel a healthy mental state, boost the immune system and provide the physical strength needed to withstand rigorous medical treatments.

Your overall wellness is our priority. For more information on our integrative care strategies or to schedule an appointment, call 210-745-6841 or use our easy online form.


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