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Celebrating National Cancer Survivors Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The first Sunday in June is well known in the cancer community as National Cancer Survivors Day. Though we celebrate survivorship every day, days like these give cancer patients and their families an opportunity to appreciate their victory against cancer.

Survival rates are increasing

The American Cancer Society reports that two out of three people diagnosed with cancer will become a survivor. With the help of advanced clinical trials, early detection and numerous individualized treatment options available, we have approximately 14.5 million cancer survivors living in the United States today.

Ways to honor the strength of cancer patients and survivors

How you and your family choose to celebrate your survivorship is entirely up to you. You don’t have to plan an extravagant party to celebrate if you don’t want to. There are many other things you can do to honor your cancer journey, including:

  1. Taking time to process – Make sure you’re taking time out of your day to process and reflect on your cancer journey. Go for a long walk, meditate, enjoy nature, or do anything else that brings you peace and helps to clear your head.

  2. Planning a memorable event – Whether it’s your dream vacation or a gathering with friends, plan a memorable event to celebrate your survivorship.

  3. Volunteering or donating – Many cancer survivors find that working with a cancer advocacy program or fundraiser helps to give meaning to their cancer journey.

  4. Doing something creative – Get in touch with your creative side by planting a tree, painting, dancing, or enjoying another creative outlet.

  5. Trying something new – If you have a bucket list, now is a great time to scratch one of the activities off the list.

  6. Saying thank you – Send a letter to someone who has supported you in your journey.

  7. Trying an activity that brings body awareness – Take a calming yoga class or get a massage.

  8. Celebrating with something you enjoy – Above all else, make sure that however you decide to celebrate, it will involve doing something you truly enjoy.

There are many ways you and your loved ones can celebrate survivorship. For more information on beating cancer with successful cancer treatment, call the cancer specialists at the START Center for Cancer Care at (210) 745-6841.

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