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Cancer Care Catered to You

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

The complexities of cancer have pressed scientists to dig deeper into the inner workings of human cells to pinpoint cancer’s causes. It’s taken decades, but advances in basic science, technology, therapeutics and the understanding of the genetic causes of cancer have made personalized cancer care possible.

Personalized cancer care is here

Is it possible to “customize” cancer care? Essentially, yes. Researchers have learned that cancer can occur from any number of genetic malfunctions. These malfunctions, along with a combination of errors, spark the out-of-control cell growth that causes tumors to grow and spread.

Personalized cancer care can take several different forms, such as:

  1. Testing a cancer to find out if a certain type of treatment will work

  2. Examining genetics to decide whether he or she can handle a specific medicine

  3. Conducting a genetic test to determine if a person has certain genetic mutations that could put them at a higher risk for developing cancer

Today, it’s possible to determine the therapies or drugs to which your body will optimally respond with advanced genetic tumor testing, which is vital to providing individualized, targeted therapies.

Targeted cancer therapies

Targeted therapies are cancer treatments that use drugs, but they differ from traditional chemotherapy. These therapies help stop cancer from growing and spreading by targeting specific genes or proteins. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or in cells related to cancer growth, like blood vessel cells.

Targeted therapy may be used with chemotherapy and other advanced treatments to combat the spread of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer or melanoma.

World-class cancer care in San Antonio

If you have received the life-altering diagnosis of cancer, the quality and accessibility of your care is paramount to winning the fight. In San Antonio, the compassionate, experienced physicians at the START Center for Cancer Care comprise our team of leading cancer specialists. We are wholly focused on providing one-to-one cancer care and complete support for Central and South Texans and their families.

To learn more about our physicians and care, or to schedule an appointment, call 210-745-6841 today.

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