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A Daily Dose of Hope: START patient creates platform to spread positivity

Colorectal Cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women but is preventable with regular screenings. Since March is dedicated to bringing awareness to this disease, we highlight one patient’s inspirational journey.

A Daily Dose of Hope

START patient creates platform to spread positivity

Reagan Greer had never been hospitalized. But last June, after experiencing severe stomach pain during a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, he returned home and was immediately admitted. Tests and scans would later reveal a grim diagnosis of Stage 4 colorectal cancer. “He was incredibly sick when we began treatment,” says Greer’s oncologist, Dr. Steven Kalter, who knows the Greer family well. “Reagan was prepared to fight, so we began treatment immediately.”

Cancer wasn’t a new battle for Reagan’s family. His great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and younger sister have all faced various cancer diagnoses, Dr. Kalter treating several of them.

“I should have known, genetically,” says Greer. “We are the third generation with cancer. But I didn’t want to overreact.  I trust in the Lord and doctors. I knew I had to keep a positive attitude.”

Greer, a former Bexar County District Clerk, former Justice of the Peace, and current president of a large, San Antonio real estate company says his pragmatic approach to life kept him focused throughout treatment. “It’s up to your body and mind to move the process forward,” says Greer.  Each morning he began his day with an inspirational quote, bible verse, or saying, to keep his mind focused on the positive.

Greer believes “getting his mind right” first thing each day helped his body cope with more than a dozen chemo treatments and various other procedures. Greer created a Pinterest page, pinning quotes to inspire him and others, to stay positive. He was touched by the warm feedback he received, so this January, he also created a Facebook page. Each morning he begins the day by posting an encouraging thought, quote, or bible verse. His goal is to touch anyone who might be going through a difficult time and give them a reason to stay positive. So far, more than 500 people have liked his page “A Daily Dose of Hope.” He encourages others going through challenging times to visit the page, or discover another way to stay inspired.


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