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Genetic Testing

Comprehensive Genetic Testing for More Effective Cancer Treatment

Increasingly, the leading edge of modern cancer care is about targeted and individualized therapies — treatments that are designed around the unique characteristics of each cancer patient and his or her cancer. Put simply, different people respond differently to certain treatments, and the same goes for their cancer.

At the START Center for Cancer Care, we provide access to comprehensive genetic testing of tumors, which is the key to providing state-of-the-art, individualized treatment. Through this genetic testing, our board certified and highly trained cancer specialists are able to look for specific genetic markers that are associated with existing data about the appropriateness and effectiveness of the various treatments.

Helping You Avoid Time Wasted With Ineffective Treatments

Through research and genetic profiling of tumor tissue from prior patients, we
are now able to see that one anti-cancer drug is likely to work better (or worse)
for you than another. For instance, a particular genetic marker is associated with better results with anti-cancer Drug A, while anti-cancer Drug B has shown much lower effectiveness.

In this way, we are able to avoid treatments that are likely to have a lower chance of benefiting you. Also, knowing that cancer treatment is itself challenging and burdensome, looking for and finding these genetic markers can spare you many weeks of treatment and side effects with a therapy that isn’t going to work. Instead, genetic testing helps us go straight to treatments that have a higher probability of working for you or your loved one.

START: Pursuing Excellent Cancer Care for All

At START, we provide comprehensive genetic testing of patients’ tumors. Genetic tumor testing is an invaluable resource in cancer care because of its ability to direct cancer doctors in the informed, science-based selection of targeted therapies, whether for conventional therapies or investigational drugs via clinical trials.


For more information about genetic testing and how it can improve the efficacy of your individual cancer treatment — or to schedule an appointment — call the START Center at 210-593-5700. Also, feel free to request an appointment using our easy online form.

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