Doctors of START

The START Center for Cancer Care today is known internationally for its tradition of excellence and its contributions to the advancement toward a cancer cure. This is due to the combined efforts of a large team of cancer specialists dedicated to the most advanced, complete, and effective care.

At the START Center for Cancer Care, our surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and gynecologic surgical oncologists have the combined knowledge, skill, and capabilities you depend on and trust. But most of all, our cancer doctors are caring people who understand what it means to face cancer and who have committed themselves to help you or your loved one win the fight.

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Steven Abbate
Murali Beeram
Amanda D. Bucheit
Sara Maria Conde
Bruce E. Conway
Brittany DeBerry
Ronald L. Drengler
Keith Eyre
Lisa Fichtel
Joseph Holahan
George Hsieh
Joe E. Johnston
Steven P. Kalter
Joseph Karam
Amy Lang
W. Cannon Lewis
James E. Mark
Jaron Mark
Alexander Miller
Damon A. Mimari
Joaquin Mira
Niraj Pahlajani
Kyriakos Papadopoulos
Amita Patnaik
Drew W. Rasco
Gladys Rodriguez
Luis Carlos Rodriguez
Randall D. Rogers
Arthur Rosenthal
Marisa Sandera
Hanni Salih
Lon S. Smith
Prathibha Surapaneni
J. Brian Szender
Scott Ulmer
A.J. White
Sylvia Zubyk