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Services & Offerings

The START Center for Cancer Care offers the most modern and advanced cancer treatments. We provide standard treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation, as well as recently developed treatments such as genetic tumor testing, radiosurgery, and pharmacy services. START has all the necessary offering designed to treat your cancer in the most effective and considerate way. 

Genetic Tumor Testing

Modern cancer care is about targeted and individualized therapies

Cancer Surgery

START Surgeons are highly trained with extensive experience


Advanced chemotherapy from world-class doctors


Experienced care for blood disorders

Radiation Therapy

Leading-edge and experienced radiation therapy for cancer

Radiosurgery (EDGE)

Non-invasive cancer treatment that's easy on you

Gynecologic Oncology

Leading gynecologic cancer care in South Texas

Cancer Support

Get essential support against cancer


High-quality medication conveniently located on-site

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