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World Leader in Cancer Care and Research

The Cure STARTs Here

Over 35 Years of providing
advanced cancer treatment

At the START Center, we provide leading-edge cancer treatment backed by a deep commitment to advancing toward a new era in cancer care. Our team strives to offer each patient a comprehensive treatment plan that includes multi-specialty services, genetic profiling of tumors, targeted therapies, state-of-the-art treatment technology, and easy access to clinical research options.


We conduct clinical research to discover novel anti-cancer agents. With over 28 approved oncology drugs, START is a leader in global cancer research


Our offices provide a variety of advanced cancer treatment services with continually advancing sophistication and effectiveness


START has various locations across the United States and Europe. We are ready to help treat you or a loved ones' cancer with the compassion they deserve.

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Your START Team

The doctors in our practice have some of the most advanced oncology expertise in the world. They are here to guide you through your cancer treatment and provide you with exceptional care. A common response from our patients is that being treated by a START physician is a personal and compassionate experience.

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